Mindful Impact - Adelaide

At Mindful Impact my focus is on helping women to successfully realise their many goals through guidance, empowerment, and commitment to the knowledge that you can achieve anything you put your mind to! It is my strong belief that when we empower both women and children to live confident lives, free from limiting beliefs and negative emotions, we offer much needed balance to our society.
I welcome your call to see how we can work together to create rapid lasting change for you.

As Owner and Director of Mindful Impact, Tania brings her vast experience, skills and qualifications to assist her clients in many areas of their life... from the birthing suite to the boardroom, and every milestone in between. Hypnotherapy has been a part of Tania’s life since childhood and her deep understanding of the mind body connection particularly during her own two positive and calm hypnobirths. Tania dedicates her time to working with clients that want to make positive life changing steps and are ready to achieve their goals in all areas of life.  

Tania's professional qualifications include:

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