5E's to Empowerment™ Program

Opportunities await...

If you are a passionate professional business woman wanting to take that next step for a promotion or to grow your business and brand, but you have an underlying frustration or fear behind stepping out of your comfort zone to be seen and heard, then this unique program has been designed specifically for you! 

Tania Davies, owner and founder of Mindful Impact™, is dedicated to helping women in business overcome their fear of being seen and heard so they can confidently share their message and increase their earning potential.

Do you notice any of these issues at work or home as a result of your frustrations or fear? 
  • Overworking or Burnout
  • People pleasing
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Irritability, even with the small stuff
  • Withdrawing, hiding or avoiding people
  • Poor eating or drinking habits
  • Gut issues or IBS
  • Lack of concentration or brain fog
  • Headaches and muscles tension

These issues are all normal responses to the anxiety being created in your life when you want to succeed at something but you are hesitant to proceed. For the successful business women that Mindful Impact™ work with the greatest fear they express is their perception of having to expose themselves or their life to judgement or attack if they speak up and share their message. 

As a result, when they don't feel seen or heard in business, at home or amongst their peers, frustration soon follows and the anxieties begin to show themselves in all areas of life.

The 5E's to Empowerment program is a 5 step one-on-one coaching and therapy process incorporating evidence-based tools and techniques from the areas of neuroscience, positive psychology, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, resilience, business management, organisational leadership and marketing. It guides women out of their comfort zone through a process of: 1-Exploration; 2-Education; 3-Elimination; 4-Enhancement; and 5-Empowerment.

This is not about forcing you to "conform to the way that other people do it" or become an extrovert if that is not your style. The program is tailored to you and will draw out the specific blocks that keep you from achieving the priority goals for you at work and at home. It is a client-centred approach focused on tangible results for those motivated to achieve their goals.

This successful program has been created by a qualified and successful introverted business woman with lived experience. She knows how to protect her values and puts clear boundaries in place to help her achieve whatever challenges she chooses. If you are curious about how Tania from Mindful Impact™ can tailor the 5E's to Empowerment™ program specifically for you, I encourage you to book a free consultation call to discuss your needs. This is an opportunity to talk openly and honestly about what you want, why you what it and what stops you from getting there.

Your time is valuable, so book a convenient time that you can talk about focusing your future and be HEARD...talk soon! 


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