past-life regression therapy

Past-Life and Soul Regression Therapy

Past-Life Regression Therapy is an effective technique to assist clients resolve many presenting problems from their current life through the insights they gain during a regression into their past. If you have ever wondered why you have a fear or presenting problem that cannot be rationally explained in this life, then it may be worth investigating the root origin of this issue prior to your birth. This form of therapy is safe and is typically very rewarding for those seeking to release attachments, experience greater contentment, understand their purpose and help heal themselves.

Tania Davies trained professionally in Past-Life Regression Therapy at the Omega Institute in New York by leading expert in past-life therapy, psychiatrist and best-selling author of “Many Lives, Many Masters” Dr. Brian Weiss.

If you wish to book a free 15-minute strategy call to see if Past-Life Regression Therapy is right for you please email and we can make a time to talk.

“Having a past life memory…can be compelling enough to unlock a closed mind and to release it
from the fetters of skepticism” Brian Weiss M.D.

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