Weight Management

Weight Loss - finding the root cause

Have you tried EVERYTHING to lose that weight?
Are you frustrated, fed up and defeated by your weight?
Is your weight always on your mind?
Do you want to be in control of your weight and not let it control you?
There is another way…
MI Healthy Body (MIHB™) – Hypnotherapy Weight Reduction Program

Using hypnosis for weight loss is a very effective long-lasting and quite rapid treatment protocol. By working directly with the client’s mindset, we get to the root cause of their weight problem(s) so we move past a reliance on will power alone and truly address what is stopping you from losing excess weight.

By using powerful hypnosis, NLP and coaching techniques, we can make rapid positive changes to your self-sabotaging habits and behaviours. We will help change your unconscious thought patterns and show you how to successfully visualise and become the healthiest version of you. Our weight loss hypnotherapy packages are designed to be individually tailored to your lifestyle and as such we offer the following as an outline to allow for the best opportunity to create lasting change for you.

The MIHB™ Program will empower you to take control over:

  • What you eat
  • How you eat
  • Emotional eating
  • Your motivation to exercise
  • Your mind with the power of self-hypnosis

The program package includes:

  • 10 comprehensive sessions (12 hrs) with Tania Davies from Mindful Impact™
  • Clients that commit to the full MIHB program™ can expect at least an 8 kilo reduction in weight by the completion of the program
  • Personalised weight reduction recordings to reinforce your success
  • MIHB™ Program handouts and materials to take home
  • A supportive, non-judgmental coach when you most need it
  • Training in self-hypnosis to empower you for future success
  • A special memento at completion of the MIHB™ Program to celebrate your success

The MIHB™ Program will put you in control of your food choices, exercise and thoughts. Incentives to succeed in this program are built into the structure. When you successfully complete the full 10 sessions of the MIHB™ Program (including all tasking requirements) you will be empowered with all the tools and methods you need to continue to confidently reduce your weight further. If you prefer the continued
support and coaching offered by Mindful Impact™ you can purchase additional individual sessions or coaching packages.

For more details and pricing you can call us on 0409994660 or can arrange a free 45 minutes Strategy Call so that you can make an informed decision on whether this package is right for you. Just use the Schedule Appointment button at the top of this page to book this now.

We do not offer single weight loss hypnosis sessions because very often a client has had a weight problem for many years and it is not a reasonable expectation for a hypnotherapist to help remedy the situation in a single session. Understandably this can be frustrating, however, to give you the lasting results you desire we will do complex therapeutic work to determine the root cause of your weight gain and empower you to overcome this. This work requires a commitment from the client and a minimum number of sessions which will depend on the amount of weight that you have to lose and whether you have any other significant issues which need to be taken into account.

Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person. We will of course offer you complete guidance and support during our sessions to help you achieve your desired outcomes. We do not allow clients to pay as they go with weight loss packages because this process require a commitment from the client that they are willing to attend the all sessions and those who are truly willing to take responsibility for their weight problem will have no issue with this fee structure.

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